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A collection which portrays the Greek mythology of Calypso: a tale of passion, seduction and forbidden love. The impurity of Calypso and Odysseus’s love is evocative of the impurities of the Super Seven gemstones in each piece. The strong lines and chain throughout the collection is reminiscent of the lines of the caves and oceans in which the story is set. The collection is hand crafted in precious metals and semi-precious gemstones.






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Ponos, the God of hard work and turmoil transports the world of irony in the 21st century. With each technological advancement, from the industrial revolution to the speed of the protoype through digital manufacturing, this collection seeks to disguise the work with the veil of creativity. Allowing the customer to take a multitude of handcrafted parts, the production lines begins and ends with the customers. Enabling each individual to design their own piece, giving them the freedom and fulfilment of letting the last touch of design be their own.