Design Philosophy

It’s all about designing wearable jewellery which will last.

The future of design lies in the hands of the craftsman; we must harness the tools around us in a way in which the humanity of the designer and end users is evident in the design.

Manufacturing should be local. It should empower communities and capitalise on the strengths of the artisans in our network. The knowledge of many is greater than the knowledge of few. 


our story

Growing up in the silversmithing region of the highlands of Bali, Indonesia, Sinead Gilmore has inundated her designs with the personal connections of her local communities. In her first jewellery collection Calypso, she partners with local silversmiths to enhance the beauty and authenticity of jewellery production. Having since, relocated to North London, the development of further partnerships have moved from island inhabitants to local workshops. Identifying artisanal craftsmen in her local community, Sinead’s collection adapts to the local influences, whilst keeping her international flavour in each collection. The next collection, Ponos, examines the interconnect between designer and patron, allowing customers to take handmade pieces and create their own designs, transforming a simple piece into the decoration of a signature.